SNES Challenge
SNES Challenge – is the quest to beat all licensed Super Nintendo games released in NA region (NTSC).
Inspired by NESMania from TheMexicanRunner, SNES Challenge started in 2015 and has all the main rules. Games should be finished without using cheat codes, level skips, or other mechanics that are not provided in an official manual. Each upcoming game is picked at random from viewers in the stream chat.
Originally there were 784+ games within this challenge. Including Europe exclusives and translated Japanese games. In time I decided to excluded them all due to many reasons. Mostly due to lack of understanding the Japanese language. As well as Japanese and European versions of the same title's are sometimes completely different.
During the project, there are some strong rules:
  • Cheats, codes, and level skips that not in official game manuals are not allowed
  • Emulator savestates are not allowed
Additional rules:
In games where you can change difficulty:
  • If the difficulty is set by default, then even in the case of a game having a bad ending or different ending on max difficulty, the game will be considered beaten. (I always welcome the challenge to play on the hardest difficulty)
  • If the difficulty level does not influence the ending, then I may choose any difficulty. I still welcome the challenge to play on the hardest if possible
In infinity (looped) games:
  • Set a new high score, reach points maxout, or unlock all levels (discussable)
In sports games:
  • If possible to pick playoff or tournament mode for main trophy, this mode should be picked.
  • If there is a season mode with playoff and simulated games exist in the game, then allowed to simulate games until tournament.
  • If there is only a season mode, then the goal is to finish the season in 1st place.
  • If there is an infinite season or nothing else to do, it is enough to win single exhibition match.
In games where you can change lives and continues:
  • Allowed any changes
In all games:
  • Hints and spoilers are not welcome
  • All rules above are recommended, but can be changed in some cases at my discretion.
  • In long games where saves are broken or not supported, allowed to use saves for continuing the next day.
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