The quest to beat all Super Nintendo games released in NA region
Live streams
General rules
Original hardware, no cheats
Play on a original Nintendo Super Famicom (NTSC-J) console. It is forbidden to use any cheats or codes are not in the official game manual; no use save states for playing.
Beat every single game in list
Before starting any next game, the current one must be done. For each game winning conditions are may be different. Usually, for mark a game as beaten is enough to beat it on a default difficulty (any ending); for sports or endless games conditions are discussable.
Latest beaten games
With no exceptions
The gamelist includes all licensed games officially released in the NA region: a lot of sport games, RPGs and SNES hits.
How to pick a game
After beat current game, a randomly chozen viewer from chat can pick any unplayed game. At the moment, you can choose any unplayed game without restrictions on genre and the number of victories previously.
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